01||The Beauty This or That Tag Featuring Bookiekunlere 

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So I was brainstorming on what next to post and then this hit me, cuz I remember seeing some thing like this on Disney Channel (lol dont ask) and I played along so I decided to do a feature with 3 of my favorite bloggers.

Bookie of Bookiekunlere 

Ifeoma of whatwhofab 

Ore of lifestyleofOreoluwa

Be on the look out for the posts featuring Ifeoma and Ore

I basically just wanted to share people’s preferences uno. Lets see what makes our routines different. 

So the first blogger featuring in the This or That Beauty tag is Bukky of bookiekunlere . I’m glad she did this..Thanks babes❤ and please check out her blog.

Lets get to it


Blush or Bronzer 


Lipgloss or Lipstick 


Eyeliner or Mascara 


Foundation or Concealer 


Neutral or Color Eyeshadow 


Pressed or Loose eye shadows 


Brushes or Sponges 


Nails 💅

O.P.I or China Glaze 


Long or Short 


Acrylic or Natural 


Brights or Darks 




Perfume or Body Spray 


Lotion or Body oil

Body oil? If yes, body oil 

Body wash or Soap 


Fashion 👗👜👠

Jeans or Sweat pants 


Long sleeve or Short 


Dresses or Skirts 


Stripes or Plaid 


Flip flops or Sandals 


Scarves or Hats 


Studs or Dangly Earrings 


Necklaces or Bracelets 


Heels or Flats 


Jacket or Hoodie 


Hair 👧👱💇

Curly or Straight 

Tough Choice,lol straight 

Bun or Ponytail 


Long or Short 


Light or Dark 


Side sweep bangs or Full bangs 

Full bangs

Up or Down



Rain or shine 


Hot or cold 


Glasses or contacts 


Chocolate or Vanilla 


IPhone or Android 


This was so much fun

Thanks again for doing this…XOXO 

What are YOUR preferences??

Do you see what you like??

Do leave a comment.


02||Tales From Makeup Haul 

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 Happy 4th of July!! Staying home this whole ime got me thinking about what to do in the mean time before my internship clicks and I still cant figure it out..any ideas?

Before I came home from school,I just HAD to get these particular products cuz I’ve always needed them oh P.S in the spirit of makeup, I think I should actually show some of my works, and actually tutorials,it’s about time so get ready for some MOTD(makeup of the day).

So first off! I got an actual setting/baking powder(anyone you want to call it)..for the people that have seen my make up, uplease until now I haven’t been using any setting powder, I’ve been using Hacks>>Johnsons Baby Powder *I should do a post on my makeup hacks* Yup! Not that it didn’t work,I just wanted the actual setting powder and for some reason I wanted this Sacha ButterCup Setting Powder and no other one, not BenNye, not Classic just SBC..we have a spiritual bond in the makeup world.

Oh I got it for N4500..a review will come up in the future time when I use it

I hope I’ll love it

Up Next…LA Pride Oil Control Powder Palette 

BRETHREN! Shall we all say ‘It’s about time’ Lol okay, so this palette I got because I happen to do other people’s makeup so it’s just wise to get this small one. It has every persons color. So if you’re starting small or even for personal use, you don’t have to be a makeup artist before you can own it.

I got it for N4000 

And lastly…Lipsticks! So I got these ones cuz I just don’t have enough..oh and I found my perfect shade of Nude!!! Let me explain, so I can’t wear Nude or Pink lipstick without using something else to line my lips first. It makes me look sick so I figured out that every one has their own shade of nude/pink/red or any colour of lipstick and I was probably using the wrong shade and that was when I met classic nude..and the rest is history. 

I also got Ruby woo..it smells so nice

All that is left is my perfect shade of pink

I think I got them for N400/500 each

What setting powder do you use?                        Do you use Sasha ButterCup Setting Powder? What’s your take on it?                                              My new Photography skills ehh                               Do you have a special shade of nude lipstick?    Do leave a comment I’ll be waiting


DIY|| Natural Face Scrub with only 2 ingredients. 

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Hi guys!! It’s been forever, I’m sorry for my inconsistency but that’s about to change. Oh and Happy New July by the way❤ 

It’s my blog-anniversary month🎉🎊 

So today’s post is one I’m actually very familiar with so I decided to share with you guys, basically just think I got tired of those N3000, N650 face scrubs and I decided to try a more natural solution, that was when I found out about the Honey and Sugar scrub.. and how well it works.

So let’s get to it…

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What you’ll need

> Honey

> Sugar

> A container (Optional) 

What to do

This is pretty easy and self explanatory since it’s 2 ingredients 

> Pour the Honey and Sugar in the container and turn it with a spoon or stick 

> And voila! Your million dollar works-just-as-good scrub

I trust this method only because it’s natural, I think it’s basic knowledge that honey is a toning ingredient on its own 

> The Scrub clears your spots. 

> It opens up and black/white heads allowing you to remove whatever is in there

P.S Use it 2/3times a week. Oh also you can add coconut oil or even lime..but I only use and can give report on Honey and Sugar

So are you going to be trying this out? 

What do you think? 

Do you have any natural scrubs you use?  

 Until next time


Product Review||KissBeauty 3x Aloevera Makeup Fix and Ushas Bronzer

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Hi my beautiful Readers(yes,yes both male and female). How was last week? Mine was..eventful,in between it all i’m still going to make sure I stick to my ‘every Sunday post’ routine. 

That being said,Today’s post is a Product Review post..Yass!! So remember when I talked about the new products I got and even showed you guys? Well I got these too,so I thought i’d do a review on them today.

So lets get to it….

 The Kiss Beauty 3x Aloevera Makeup  Fix

This spray!! Sigh.. It’s my first ever makeup spray and I absolutely love love love it! It’s totally worth it’s price. 

​It glues the makeup to my face and I know it’s supposed to (obviously) but I’m just very shocked, I wanted to try something new and different and I thought it’d be awful but I was so wrong. I think that’s why i’m so happy about it.

I can’t imagine if it was rubbish and I spent 2k on it..urgh! I don’t even want to think like that.Oh also did I mention that it smells A-m-a-z-i-n-g. I think i’ll buy it again.


You can buy in local markets.

*I haven’t found a bad side to it yet, if I do you guys will be the first to know

        Ushas Bronzer For Face and Body

This bronzer too!! I think this bronzer is like the most common, popular and even the cheapest one in this Nigeria ,I dont even blame the people that buy it,they happen to know how well it works. The glow is unbelieveable and its super affordable.

It’s  the perfect product  for an ‘affordable glow’ 

You can get it at local stores or even public markets for N500 but if you cant stress try Konga or Jumia is between 750-1000
have you tried Any of these products?

What do you think about The bronzer?

Is the makeup spray one you want to try?

Let me know in the comment section, I’ll be waiting.

   Until Next Time XOXO

Have a good one.


DIY|| Velvet Turban Cap With Pearls

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Hi beauties. Happy Sunday!! Long time No D.I.Y yeah? 

Todays post is a D.I.Y and its super easy.i kinda got the idea off when I saw Toke Makinwa wear a turban which FYI is now like a big fashion statement now, I remember my 100level in school I had a couple and ditched them after some weeks. Anyway I liked the new and improved ones I saw, they now wear them to events and it looked so  gorgeous UNTIL!!!….i asked for the price! I heard N6000, N8000….i couldnt even cry plus the Alaroro in me just flew out and I decided i’d make mine..how hard could it be

             What You Need

  • Turban Cap of course( any choice of color is fine)
  • Pearls
  • Super Glue 

            Step 1.

    First off Take a bead and carefully put the glue on it 

    Step 2

    Place it on your turban how ever you’d like to style it.

    Step 3.

    Continue doing that till you think its enough and VOILA!! 

    There it is your very own turban pearl cap without having to break a bank.
    I got the turban cap for N800 

    Pearls(two strands) N1000.

    Super glue N80

     So basically You’re going to spend N1880 less than N2000.

    P.S You could totally sow it on for a more firm result

    Wil you be trying this out? Do leave a comment below, i’ll be waiting xo

    Until Next Time Loves…Stay Next Door XO  


    01||Tales from Makeup Haul 

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    Hi my beauties!! How are you guys doing? Una week nko?..mine has been super stressful and this is just Tuesday, I have classes throughout today yo!! Like literally 8am-6pm..school is just tiring can’t they just hand out Bsc for free sigh.

    I’ve been into soo much stuff lately, I still am sha but there’s nothing coming between my blog and I so….. I got some new stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol yes I’m shouting cuz I’m super excited about it..so let’s show you guys, shall we?

    P.S :This post is likely to have tons of exclamation marks(!!!!!) based on my excitement. Lol I apologise in advance for the inconvenience . XOXO 

    1. Beauty Blender!!

    Okay, so I’m quite late with this one but I got it still..Remember when a picture went round asking girls to ask boys to guess what it was?? Lol some of my friends said it was a pink egg or an egg or a clown nose.

    2. Classic Face and Eye

    These things ehn! The eye primer is just a life saver,it’s safe to say it does it’s work so well. The Face Primer is so smooth on my skin. I should and will definitely do a review post on this.
    3.Urban Decay Makeup Brushes

    Yoooo!!! This has to be like my fave ever mahn! This brushes ehn, Gosh! So soft! Sigh..i can show you better than  I can tell you. 
    4.LA Girl Pro Concealer (Red Corrector)

    This corrector works wonder you guys, its definitely worth its price.
    5.Classic Makeup Face Contour Kit!

    Yo!!!! I saw and used this one one time like this, my friend Feyi that I talked about here has the type and everything is just the bomb..To be extremely Honest, No jokes..The Contour? You just need a very little amount and it’ll go a long way same as the Highlight. The Bronzer?? Omds The glow is unbelievable. My face could be used as an improvised disco light lol 
    6. Classic Lipstick (Pure Matte in Isabella and Duke in  24 hours)

    So there they are you guys.. Let me know if you’ve tried or used any one 

    Until next time my beauties..Stay Next door (lol and yes its a thing now)  XOXO


    Top Makeup Brands By Nigerians

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    Hi guys, How are you guys? As for me? ehn! I’m upset and sad-ish ..Teen wolf is officially over..the final episode was concluded a couple of days ago and I really can’t believe its actually over,No more waiting up for new seasons to come,No more Stiles,No more drama … Feels like I’ve been dumped..Lol but to be honest though,Teen wolf is actually one of the series I absolutely love and I miss it already sigh.

    Anyway So now that I’ve been dumped by the people of Teen wolf and MTV . 

    Feel free to recommend something 

    Lately I’ve seen how well Nigerian makeup brands are doing so I decided to share with you guys on the blog. 


    ZARON is one of the most popular beauty brands in Nigeria,it’s owned by a beauty entrepreneur who named it after her two daughters. It started in 2011 in Lagos although it already started in Uk a year before. 

    They have really nice products. They also have a line of hair products in addition to the makeup brand of which their Powders are oil free. 

    2. BM pro

    Banke Meshida Professional Makeup A.K.A. Bm Pro  is also another big Nigerian brand owned by Banke Meshida-Lawal who’s also conveniently a makeup artist. 

    It started in 2006, They have over 65 products in the markets today.. They also have distributors all over Ghana, Nigeria, Uk, USA even Canada. BM Pro makeup are not tested on animals and are also very much suitable for sensitive skin. 


    HOUSE OF TARA is a makeup brand owned by Tara Fela-Durotoye, she started in 1998. They have everything from pencils to foundations and even makeup bags. They are a grown brand. 

    She has distributors in West African regions like Cotonou, Ghana and Senegal.. She also has Makeup school. 

    4. SLEEK 

    Sleek is a hair and makeup brand owned by two sisters. The products were based in Uk for a while before coming to Nigeria in 2007. 

    They have a ‘Face of Sleek’ contest. They supply wigs, synthetic hair, human hair, hair pieces etc. Among other makeup products. 

    PC is a brand that has been for over 30years. It started in 2009. Its owned by Tara Adesomowo. She’s also the founder of Taries World, also a makeup line .

    They offer variety of products including lipglosses, mineral products, bronzers, blushes etcetc
    So there they are guys.. 

    Have a beautiful day ahead

    Till next time.. XOXO.