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Product Review || Ushas Eyeshadow Palette

Currently Listening To Zayn Malik Ft Sia -Dusk till dawn Hi guys! How are you guys doing? Long time no product review. Before I go far or even start at all,a quick Shout out to my 250 followers, just like yesterday i hit 200. you guys are amazing, i cant thank you enough. 300… Continue reading Product Review || Ushas Eyeshadow Palette

products review

Product Review |Oriflame Clarifying Scrub and Purifying mask. 

Currently listening to Put that on my Set by Asap Mobi with Deola Hi guys, how are you doing.  So today I'm going to be doing a review on this facial mask and scrub I tried yesterday. I got it from my friend that sold the Eyeliner to me, she's just making me try out everything.  I can… Continue reading Product Review |Oriflame Clarifying Scrub and Purifying mask.