What’s On My Beauty wishlist

Currently Listening To Taylor Swift - Look what you made me do Hi beauties. How are you all? It's a rainy Sunday today here, how are you guys holding up? How's the weather where you are? So exactly one month today is my birthday(this was yesterday-23rd) 😅😅😅😅. Am I excited? Yes! Too excited. I don't… Continue reading What’s On My Beauty wishlist

products review

Product Review || Ushas Eyeshadow Palette

Currently Listening To Zayn Malik Ft Sia -Dusk till dawn Hi guys! How are you guys doing? Long time no product review. Before I go far or even start at all,a quick Shout out to my 250 followers, just like yesterday i hit 200. you guys are amazing, i cant thank you enough. 300… Continue reading Product Review || Ushas Eyeshadow Palette


Hacks 101||Cellphone Hacks We All Need

Currently Listening To Destiny's Child- Bills, Bills,Bills. Hi loves, how are you guys doing? Happy Sunday!!!   We've been having quite a number of people joining us on the blog especially on my 200followers post, Thanks Guys and Welcome on board. I hope you all love it here👏❤ How did your week go? As for you… Continue reading Hacks 101||Cellphone Hacks We All Need


5|| Things I’ve learnt from My New Job

Currently Listening To Magnolia - Playboi Carti Hi loves. Happy Sunday , August is almost over🙌🙋. How did your week go? About 2 blog posts ago,I remember praying and hoping for a job,read my rants here. Anyway I got a job that week💃💃💃 I was so excited. Finally, my first job , I was excited… Continue reading 5|| Things I’ve learnt from My New Job