DIY || Nail Polish Art: Polka Dot 


Hi Loves. Happy new Week, Ramadan Kareem. How have you guys been? Fasting is still coming strong for me though anyway I should have posted this yesterday but I couldn’t find any nail Polish remover (when you fast, you shouldn’t use nail Polish etc) So to today’s post..

Today’s post is a DIY about nails, it’s basically how to make your own polka dot nails, it’s super easy to do.I hope you like it.

  •  What You’ll Need

Nail polish (white/cream and other different colors)


  • Step 1.

Apply your white/cream nail Polish 

Step 2

Use the needle to pick the first coat of nail Polish and randomly apply it and make dots 

  • Step 3

    Use the next colour of nail Polish to do the same thing on areas you didn’t use the first colour on

    • Step 4

      And Voila! Your very own not so expensive Polka Dot Nails.

      Pretty isnt it?

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      You can definitely try it too

       Until next time…XOXO