Living In Abeokuta|Things to Do and Top Places To Visit. 

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Hi guys, how are you doing?  How is this weather treating you? I’m about to melt. This sun is not from this life.. 

Anyway today’s post is a little different from the usual stuff I do,its mainly because I’m about to die of boredom, this holiday is now becoming a punishment and I know so many cool places but since I’m not allowed to explore I decided to just pour out my favorite spots in Abk here also if anyone has a reason to come over there’s something to do and somewhere to go. I’ve lived here all my life and I can say I know enough. 
One of my favorite places for ever! Is 1.Sweet Sensation..

I know FFO,but No. There’s just something about abk that its so small, someone will always know someone that knows you. Sweet sensation is like the meeting point of everyone, I can say Everytime I go there I always bump into some I know. It’s crazy. Don’t get me started on the food at S.S, it’s always so delicious. 
2.Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library.

The beautiful resort inside the library

Before you start to say ‘a library?’, Yes it’s a library sorta.. That’s what it’s called but inside there are restaurants, there’s a lake, an amusement park, a cinema, a tie and dye/adire factory, a church, a wild life park, a resort and then the library. Seems like a lot to do right?

The other parts of the library(cinema, restaurants etc)

3.Park Inn by Radisson 

Yes this is how it looks at night. The light on the ‘Park Inn’ sign is so bright, I can see it from my house..(I’m not exaggerating, my house isn’t far from it)

So if you’re visiting and you need a place to stay, this hotel ehn.. Geez! Maybe because they just opened but the place is so fine. It’s really cozy and quiet almost feels like home. 

4. June 12 Cultural Center. 

Here they have lots of events going on, They have rallies, beauty pagents, seminars, workshops, they organize shows and Concerts occasionally for artists who remember that there’s a place called Abeokuta 😒 and They Also show movies. I remember vividly the first time I watched sound of music was in there. I also remember last independence day Gbenga Adeyinka had a show, lots of celebrities were around too. It’s one of the coolest places in Abeokuta. 

5.Ake Palace

The alake of egbaland’s palace is also a tourist site. I’ve  been there quite a number of times, you get to go around and check out all the ancient stuff. It’s really interesting too and you get to hear the tale of how egba came to be. And no you don’t get to see the king 😂😂

The iyamode’s house inside the palace

6.Olumo Rock. 

I’m sure you might have been wondering where  I was going to bring this up, everyone, even people that don’t live here know Olumo rock.

If you can see the church like building in the middle of the town, that’s the first church ever in Abeokuta.

It’s the most visited place in Abeokuta and I don’t blame them,its really a sight to see. Just don’t try to climb the rock alone(I learnt the hard way). There’s a mini art museum in it and a restaurant also a shrine. You can literally see almost the whole of Abeokuta from the top of the rock..Also you get to hear the tale of the rock and how people lived in the rock. I remember some old women still living in the rock, most of them older than 100years.. I don’t know if they are still there though,i feel like they will sha. 

Where the people that hid under the rock made their food

1.Iwe iroyin.. The food in this place can make you forget the way to your house and they have suya too 

2. Big treat-they recently re-opened, they have a restaurant too, Chinese food, pizza and what not

3.Sky Pavilion – it’s a club right on top of Chicken Republic just incase.

P.S Shop rite under construction (they’re done clearing the land) 

 Have a great day guys. 

Until next time.. XOXO 


I can bet you guys didn’t know that we had such places in Abeokuta, you probably thought it just had old yoruba speaking people. 😂

What’s in my friend’s makeup bag! Ft Mowaglint

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Hi guys, Happy new week.

Today’s post is something I’ve always wanted to do since my friend got her new products, i even drafted it out already but she has to go on IT and it’s going to take a while but I managed to make it all work out. 
In today’s post I’m about to take you through my friend Mowa of mowaglintstore‘ makeup purse. This pretty friend of mine has a makeup purse of a makeup artist in fact it’s not even a purse anymore, it’s almost a museum. 

Anyway I decided to pick her favorite/Go to products… Leggggo!!

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills BrowWiz

I personally love this brow wiz, it’s like the regular eyebrow filler only the more expensive and 10x better version. Lol according to Mowa, ‘It’s Mad’. Plus she has Naturally full brows so it’s pretty easy for her to use. 
2.Revolution Flawless Eyeshadow Palette. 

So when she traveled she showed me the products from Revolution and they looked so nice even in pictures,Now Mowa is not a 100% eyeshadow expert,she prefers it cuz the color are quite similar and easier to move from transition to blending blah blah she’s learning tho but when she’s done learning ehn, I pray we can all wait especially with these products.
3.Danelle Makeup Brushes 

Personally I love these brushes especially cuz it’s already labeled, it’s so beginner friendly. Also very easy for her to use. 
4.Mac Prep+Prime Face Protect Lotion.

It’s a face primer, apparently she tried everything else and figured out that Mac is the best and it lasts twice as long. 
5. L’oreal Fixing Mist

AKA finishing spray. She uses this product too, according to her, it makes her makeup last and she hardly sweats after using it. 
6.Her Lipsticks (Inglot,Mac,Classic,New look, L’oreal) 

One of the makeup products Mowa can’t do without has to be lipsticks, she has tons of them and she just never stops buying. I remember when she even got a blue one. These are just a couple. Let me not forget to mention her obsession with Nude lipsticks, she has all the shades of nude! 
7.Anastasia Beverly Hills waterproof Eyeliner 

This is a waterproof eyeliner, it’s almost as effective as the pencil. She called it the greatest and that it’s matte and it doesn’t smear.
8.Rummel London’s ‘scandal eyes’ precision micro Eyeliner 

No wonder her Eyeliner is always looking so nice. It’s really dark and pointy and it makes the best wings!

9. Revolution Lipstick 

This is another one of the members of the revolution family. It’s a lipstick palette. And it’s really good. Revolution is really trying as a brand and I feel they’re going to go places. 

10. Maybelline Mascara

Yasss! Maybelline mascara.. I’ve seen this a couple of times and I’ve used it too.. It’s really nice. 

So guys that’s it. My top 10 from the glint makeup museum. Later!  

For more on the makeup products. Follow her on instagram @mowaglintstore or click on it in the post, it’ll take you directly to her page. 

Until next time my munchkins… XOXO.           


Do you know any of these products? 

Have you tried them out? 

Let me know and don’t forget to drop a comment. XO

How To|Enjoy Valentines Day As a Single Person 

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 I decided to do this post after seeing a whole lot of  ‘what to do if you have a partner’ type of posts,then I figured what about the people that dont have. So I feel like today’s post  is quite relatable. We dont all have “prince Charming”  and “the best girl”. Initially I was just going to listen to some music(mostly Sia), Nap, Eat and   imagine  how my day would have been if I had plans. Basically all that sad, grumpy stuff but then I changed my mind, its a new year. ” So what if I don’t have a val, I’ll be my own val” was what I told my self. 

Being single on Valentines isn’t that big a deal, just the part where you get to see others all clingy and lovey-dovey. But regardless, That shouldnt hold you back. 
So basically if you’re date-less like me and you want to feel better or have something to do,Then follow the instructions below.. Lol that sounds so official, but y’all know what I mean. 
1 . Love and Pamper Yourself

Take this one day to do so. If you’re single, free and you have no plans I don’t see why you shouldn’t. 

2.Go out… 

If you were dating, you’d probably go out so I don’t see why you can’t as a single person. As long as there are no rules holding you down. Go have dinner somewhere nice, you deserve it. 

3…. Or stay indoor

Lol so it’s a two-way thing, either you go out or stay in. Since this is about staying, you can still make do with that. Cook something nice or Order. Watch some comedy shows to keep your mind off love stuff, you’d be surprised how far the mind can  wonder off. 

4.Dress Up! 
Guys dress nice, Girls beat your face abeg. Look good for yourself. Usually I don’t feel depressed when I look good, I think it works that way for most people. And who knows maybe you might just meet some…one…*running away*. 

5. Buy You something nice

If there’s anything you’ve wanted for a while, or you’d have probably told your partner to get you If you had one. Get it for yourself today. It’s a present from you to you. 

6.Do what you haven’t done in a long time. 

Probably you liked it and your ex hated it so you stopped in the name of love.Please since you’re not with them anymore, nothing is holding you back. So do it! whatever it is..

So to all my single ladies and gentlemen stay winning and you’re not single? Stay winning too. 

   Till next time, Have a great day. 


Do you have plans for today or not?         Let’s know how it goes. 

Product Review |Oriflame Clarifying Scrub and Purifying mask. 

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Hi guys, how are you doing. 

So today I’m going to be doing a review on this facial mask and scrub I tried yesterday. I got it from my friend that sold the Eyeliner to me, she’s just making me try out everything. 

I can say the mask and scrub were quite effective,i actually noticed the difference and then maybe because I was instructed to rub it in (the scrub) my face came out really smooth. So I’ll just give the breakdown of the products and then how to use it (if you eventually buy it) which I think you should. 


It costs about N650


it’s just a little minty

Where to buy

An online store

An Oriflame distributor. 

What I think

Its so easy to use 

Its travel size

You can use it at least 3times

I actually don’t have any complaints about this product, only that it’s too small! Seriously N650 in this recession. 

How to use

For the Scrub 
First the Scrub, Apply evenly on your face, rub it in, wait for about 5minutes then wash off 

The mask

Then the Mask, Apply evenly as well until it dries, leave for about 5minutes too then wash off…Try It Out and thank me later. 



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Hi lovers, Happy new Month. How are you guys doing?.and how I am? Don’t even get me started….  I’m trying my best to be as consistent as possible. And I’ve been so busy with exams. So I decided to do a quick ‘Currently I am’ post… 
 Loving| Girls on low-cut, I love the courage they have,i really can’t afford to cut my hair for anything and I’ve been seeing a lot of them lately and they look so nice. So S/o to them

Wearing| This very pretty wrist-watch I ‘stole’ from my mum. She has way too many. 

Watching| BBNaija! Yeah yeah *rolls eyes* Yes I’m watching it, Don’t get all judge-y. I stumbled on it and I liked what I saw. My favorite housemate is Bally, The guy can be calm in a storm, how can someone be so quiet, he’s so fineeee. And I found out he’s a DJ… He’s pretty quiet for a DJ don’t you think? 

In love with| The pink snapchat filter. 

Reading| My Notes!! Dear Lord I’m tired of exams.. Take it away Lord 😥😥. For real though, school is exhausting tbh! 

 Listening| A whole lot of Partynextdoor. He’s just awesome. His songs are so nice. 

Anticipating| A new phone from my dad, I’m tired of this temp. I can’t even  take good pictures geez!. The worst Part is that the man isn’t even looking in my direction at all.. Lol I can’t live like this. I’m a mini cave woman

Craving| Some really nice Buka food.. I don’t know why but I’m tired of school food. I just want a bit of outside food. 

Upset about| The rampant kidnapping in this country. I’m not understanding anymore. First it was boko haram now it’s kidnapping. This country has to get better, it’s a must. 

Missing|  This Tiny friend of mine, the lucky child is going for Ian 😥.. And my baby sister 😥

Drinking| A whole lot of Ribena, I’m cheating on Coke lol. Since coke became N150 I just stopped, I don’t know if it’s actually don’t know if it’s the money or something else, I’ve had only one  since this year started (I think) 

Feeling| Very Excited.. Why? I have no idea.. I guess it just happens 

Have a good day

Till next time…XOXO

Product Review|On My New Oriflame Eyeliner

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Hi Y’all. How are you guys doing? So today I’m going to be writing a product review on my new Oriflame Eyeliner. I’ve never really been a fan of Eyeliners especially when I end up getting  one wing right and the other wing looks funny or broken or like it was in a fight and then i have to clean and re do.. You know the struggle.. So instead I’ve always preferred pencils to the gel or liquid liners cuz in my opinion it’s easier to control, until this my friend Feyi (she sells Oriflame products) decided to force me into buying it(which I’m grateful for). At first I was reluctant about it but after I tried it on, it looked so damn good. I even felt like a pro(almost),and wings were always popping! 

It’s actually very light. Weightless infact if you may. 


I got it for N3000.. That’s like $9.52

N2855 on jumia without delivery charges which is usually like N1000 or N1500


It’s really easy to apply 

It doesn’t smell funny

It dries up real quick, which I think is a good thing Because of the blinkers(people who blink a lot especially when things are close to their eyes) 

When you want to take it off it just peels off, it doesn’t become messy and runs down your face


I don’t like the fact that when I open it, it spills. I don’t know if I should be turning it upside down or something, but it tends to spill. Half of the thing will just pour away and 3k will be gone,in this recession haha. 

Pardon the blurry picture, this is what it looks like when it spills

P.S-I feel like because they are upcoming, I can trust them for a while. All these makeup products that we all say were once good but not anymore, it’s based on the popular demand they tend to remove the essential ingredients one after the other especially when they are pressured into producing more when the ingredients aren’t complete. It’s quite logical. I just pray they don’t fail. 
Happy Thursday 

Have a good one 

          Till next time… XOXO 

Is there anything else you need to know?

Do you have any other type of Eyeliner you can recommend?  

Do you own any Oriflame product(s)? What do you think of it? 

Why I’ve been away/2017 so far/New year resolution! 

Currently I am-dwelling in the sound of mosquitoes… P.S there’s no light. 

Before anything let me first say Happy new year!!!! And merry belated Christmas Omds! I’m so late, even ‘better late than never’ doesn’t even cut it anymore. I can’t have any excuse enough for not being consistent especially when that’s like the major key. 

So as on why I’ve been away let’s try to recap since November after my birthday, I lost my phone(more like it was stolen from my bedside, right by me where I slept! Crazy right?.. Life can just be hard) and after that I got a temp from my dad which broke…. Accidentally.. It fell and shattered one time, I wanted to just die, it was almost like the universe was telling me that it’s not in my destiny to use a phone anymore but I can’t listen, I just can’t.. I’m a phone freak!! , I can’t stay 2hours without my phone, I’d feel like a cavewoman. Anyway long story short I have another temp now and I’m back!!!!


       2017 so far…

There hasn’t been so much since it’s still the first month. Let’s just say it’s being promising, It’s been all about school work and what not, I have exams soon but now that I have another temp I can continue with the blog🙌.. 

  • Getting in shape

I don’t know why but I feel fat and every time I tell someone I want to reduce or get in shape they look at me like I’m crazy or they  tell me ‘what fat are you burning’ or what not. So I’ll try to work on that myself, you know with the push ups and squats etc… 

  • Laziness 

Omds! Its safe to say I’m the laziest person alive and I have to really work on that. It just slows me down basically 

  • Procrastination 

Smh! Procrastination is just my middle name. I do it almost every time and about everything. I need help. 

  • Meeting New people 

Yea.. This too.. Not because I’m bored with the people I already know, it’s cuz sometimes all you need is someone new, get to know them, talk and all that. It widens your horizon and boosts your confidence and all that. 

  • Getting more sleep! 

People that know me can testify to the fact that I hardly sleep 95% of the time I’m always awake and it’s not like I dont want to sleep, it just doesn’t come, I have a serious case of Insomnia. Hopefully it’ll change this year

  • Saving 

I’m almost done with school and it’s no news that most times especially when you are done with school so is your allowance. I don’t know how it works with my dad yet but just to be on a safer side let me start saving before I end up penniless. 

  • Learning a new language 

If you can remember I mentioned once about my new obsession with French.. That language is just very sexy, I was actually learning with an app before I lost my phone and I’d really like to continue. 

  • Taking more pictures 

Lol petty right? But it’s quite something, I’m a terrible model I just can’t take pictures but I want to so I’ll work on it. 

It’s great to be back                             Have an amazing day                                                  Till  next time…XOXO

A dream doesnt become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.                                              – Colin Powell