Travel diaries: My Trip To Erinta WaterFall in Ekiti

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Hi guys, Happy Sunday, How are you guys? Real quick tho, How many mother’s days are there? Cuz i’m sure we’ve had one already But still, Happy Mother’s Day to all our mums. We love you.

Okay so today’s post is one i’ve been wanting to write since I knew we were going for the trip,i’ve been mentioning it in my previous posts here and here, it was amazing and super fun. oh also let me mention that the name confuses me a whole lot, i would have asked there but i thought it was Erinta not Arinta, i even googled it, it had both names so Erinta or Arinta it is.

.S there will be lots of pictures..mostly pictures,i also dont know how to go about this but i’ll try so let me explain *in kevin hart’s voice*

So we went from school (My school is in Osogbo,Osun state, Nigeria)

Time: 1hour 45minutes – 2hours

so this is what the front looks like with the gate, i couldn’t get a better angle i was in the bus and i stretched my hands outside and used a timer

The gate fee- N500

this is the entrance to the waterfall..let me just quickly say the place is so hill-y and climb-y

Lol so here my friend was trying to teach me how to pose..omds its that bad. you can also see some of the people from school in the background

it’s super narrow and steep, so we had to be careful walking

The water from the Fall makes streams all the way to the end

this Huge tree fell across, so if you want to walk you go under it

The crowd you guys!! it was crazy on that narrow pathway, when i got tired of walking i wanted to cry cause i could not go back

i later went back alone to take some shots

i think there is a clearer view of the Fall now, Oh i remember this nice man apparently he and his group came from NOUN in Lagos, he saw me taking pictures and he posed for me

part of the fall

here’s the path to the fall, it’s smaller in real life yo! or smaller when there are many people going thought it

Part of the fall, see how high it goes


ho my Gad, i dont know what i was doing

What do you guys think?, i had amazing time.

Until Next Time..



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