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Hi Hi, How are you guys holding up? Has the boredom sucked you up yet or you’re not feeling it yet? Personally, I’m a “bleh” mood but I’m more impressed with how I managed to draft this post in less than 3 hours considering how I was complaining, wailing and confused about what to post on my Instagram last night. I remembered how I love drafting “Life Lately Posts, it’s super fun to write and easy too.

Hence Today’s Post, Let’s get into it.

Currently I am ;

LOVING : These KATIE BILTOF shoes. They’re so beautiful and chic and don’t get me started on the Colors.

READING : A lot of Ebooks. Particularly one I got from my TBA Bloggers support group a while ago.

LEARNING : How to use lightroom . I mostly edit with VSCO and others with a little touch of lightroom, cuz I barely know how to work the app. Most people I know swear by Lightroom so now I guess I’m learning it, with the help of YouTube videos , Blog Posts etc

WATCHING: Kdrama as always. “Memorist” and “I’ll find you on a beautiful day” are my current ones at least while I wait for my soon to be fave “The King” with Lee Min Ho coming out April 17 *screaming*. BTW if you want a list of Kdrama to watch I have a “NETFLIX” highlight on my Instagram HERE where I post movies, review and recommendations especially Kdrama

WEARING : A lot of super lightweight clothes because THIS HEAT! My God! Like everything else we’re going through isn’t enough we have to worry about the heat too.

WISHING : This pandemic blows over soon so we can all go back to our regular life programming. Lol and I can go back to willingly canceling on outings and staying at home on my own NOT BY FORCE lol

WANTING : A NEW PHONE FOR GODS SAKE. I’m so over this one I’m using . There are too many problems, it’s ridiculous and very frustrating. Which reminds me, I have a question, is it just me or a 64gb iPhone seems like a waste of money to me cuz what do you want to do with that ? Lol

GROWING : my Pinterest account, Lol I don’t want to say too much before I jinx it but , I’ve been using Pinterest for the longest time, at some point I had over 900,000 monthly views but if you know Pinterest you’ll know it’s DRAINING. So I got tired and stopped but unfortunately Pinterest doesn’t wait for you like other apps, Pinterest is very much like Instagram, once you neglect it, you see the impact on your account , there’s more on HOW TO GROW YOUR PINTEREST ACCOUNT here . Anyway so now I’m growing my account back to what it was so… yeah.. also, FOLLOW MY PINTEREST HERE

MISSING : My Freedom!!!!! Lol you know the funny thing is how the way I’ve been nagging about this “freedom” thing , you’d think I’m the type that goes out a lot but…..Lmao

HOPING : I finally get the inspiration to make my hair this week. I haven’t done my hair since JANUARY lol like I’ve literally just been combing and packing. No weaving or plaiting of any sort

CRAVING : Frozen Grapes and Dark Chocolate Chips. Not as a combo please lol.

GRATEFUL FOR : All those brave men and women that are giving their all to save people in this time. It’s a huge sacrifice

WRITING : A little something something for isolation/lockdown on my next blogpost.

COOKING : lol okay maybe not me but I learnt it, my mum made Ojojo ( Water Yam Fritters). Gosh it was so good and super crunchy. I’ve only ever bought the soft type, thank God for my mum and for how now I have seen the light.

PC: Pinterest except the obvious ones.

That’s it for today. xx

What are you “currently” doing?

I look forward to your replies in the comment section


24 thoughts on “CURRENTLY I AM |APRIL 2020

  1. Nice blog post! So I just woke up from a long ass sleep after downing my Easter fried rice!


    1. Thank you for reading 💕 Happy Easter 💕


  2. Samantha Kuku Egabe April 12, 2020 — 9:14 pm

    Beautifully written as always. Thinking of getting into this K-drama craze to see what it’s all about. Any recommendations?


    1. Lol welcome!!! Join us. You can start with Oh my Venus or Devilish Joy, I have a long list on my Instagram. The link is in this post. Thank you for reading 💕


  3. Currently watching tv and taking online courses.


    1. There’s a lot of that going on. I wish you all the best . Thank you for reading 💕

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  4. Just going through my Instagram


  5. I follow you on IG but you see your blogposts makes me feel closer to you, I can’t explain it. Love your currently I am, so I am going to be literal and say I am currently eating rice from a pot and planning on digesting it with pineapple 😂. Nice blogpost Ore❤️. P.s Your Pinterest page is a great inspiration to me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Yehmee😩💕 It means a lot. Lol YOLO eat as many meals as you want from the pot 😂😂


  6. And lastly love your new “outro” I mean the picture at the end, I don’t know what it is called 😂

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    1. Lmao Thank you boo💕💕💕


  7. Currently doing a lot of things I already started writing in a blogpost, reading this beautiful write up is encouraging me that I have not written rubbish.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol Vickie! I’m glad babe. I can’t wait to read what you’re writing. Thank you for reading hun 💕


  8. Trying to write a new blogpost after a million years

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  9. Reading. Reading. Reading. And trying to be consistent with my blog schedule.

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    1. We are Together!! Thank you for reading ✨


  10. I love the post gave me a few inspiration to write something thanks ore


  11. Oh my, I wish I can get my hands on ojojo right now. It’s been ages since I had it.


  12. Loved reading this, currently I am reading a lot, working on growing my Pinterest account and eating too much food.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading hun💕💕


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    Well i like your high quality blog site design plus your posting abilities. Keep doing it.


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