Currently I Am Aug ’17

Currently Listening To Chillin Like a Villian – Descendants2 casts

Hi there! How are you doing? How did your week go? Happy Sunday. Its time for another ‘currently i am’ post . Not much has been going on though besides work but that won’t stop me.

Lets get to it

Watching Devious Maids. I love this show. Evelyn Powell is my favorite person ever Listening to – Golden slumbers from ‘SING’ the movie. Taylor swift’s new song also Sia and Zayn-Dusk till Dawn

Craving – A new weave. I really hate making my hair,having to sit down for those long hours just for hair so I decided to start collecting wigs,buying and even making it myself if I find have to. I can’t come and kill myself Annoyed by– The ridiculous wiggly jiggly wavy eyebrow trend. Where are they going with this!?!? Some people cant even draw the normal brows and someone expects them to draw this?!? i think I saw someone starting a wavy lips trend😭😭😭 it’s a NO from me *in Mel-B’s Voice*

Excited about – getting my first paycheck from my first job ever!!it really does feel good

Loving -Fentybeauty. Like,I’m sure it’s no news but I’m glad there’s a new makeup for me to drool over

Eating – a lot of Pure bliss wafers biscuit. If you follow e on ig (Ore_K) ,Twitter (Ore__k), or snap(Orelaw). You’ll understand how much joy I get from them. They are absolutely amazing.

Wearing – Palazzo. How come no one told me how comfortable they are!?. I absolutely love them.

Thinking about-expanding my makeup collection. It’s just never enough uno. I hope someone can relate

Feeling – Tired. There was this health walk for all the bankers in Abeokuta yesterday , lets just say I still cant feel my legs.

And that’s it😊 have a good one

What’s been going on with you

What do you think of the wavy eyebrow trend?

Leave a comment

P.S Shall I mention how grateful i am, we’re almost at 250 followers🙌


12 thoughts on “Currently I Am Aug ’17

  1. Those wiggly brows and lip trends are really really annoying, hopefully “the whole world” don’t jump into the bandwagon.
    Meanwhile Palazzo pants are very comfortable and chic, wore it on my latest “currently i am” post too i’m hoping to buy more.
    Like how well detailed this post is. Happy Sunday Ore.


    1. Lol so annoying. The lip one is so irritating! I love them,I’m getting more too😊. Thanks for Always dear.

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  2. Happy Sunday! You work in Abeokuta?

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  3. Lovely dear, I also don’t like that new eyebrows trend…I don’t even think it gonna stay.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope not 😢😢😢 thanks for reading


      1. You welcome


  4. Haha! Health walks? I don’t like joining, except I’m being forced and that’s when I’ve tried out all my possible lies for not joining

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    1. Ikr I had to. It was compulsory 😢😢😢😢

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  5. That brow thing is one of the most annoying trends this year and I’m one of those pople that can not even perfectly draw the normal one. Pure bliss wafers biscuit has come to stay for me too o. Well done girl.

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    1. Asin! The horror of having to draw it by 6am when you have to get to work by 7😂😂😂😂 I love pure bliss 😻😻😻😻😻 thanks boo

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