5 Apps I Can’t Blog Without

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Apps i cant blog without

Hi my loves!! Yes I’m shouting again as usual but this time it’s because it’s been a while and I’ve missed you guys and this place. I apologise for being away for so long but I’m back now, the block tried to get the best of me, it tried…and failed. Thanks to quite a number of people.

Oh Happy New Year you guys. I love you all. 2017 was amazing but this year is about to top that!

And that is where this post comes in, In today’s post i’m going to be talking about things that help me blog better.

Blogging is so much fun when you’re inspired and you love what you’re writing about, but writing won’t just cut it , you need the right tools to help you achieve all that; which is where this post comes in today.

P.s i use an Android and some of the other apps i use are on my friends iphone.

So here are my ride or die apps;

#1 Notes

Apps I can't Blog without

The first thing would have to be my “Note” “Memo” “iPhone Notes” whichever name it is on our different phones. I can’t do anything without this. Most of my ideas come at the most weirdest and unexpected times (i hope I’m not the only one) and luckily I have my phone around and It’s where I drop little notes of things I remember or brainstorm or little things I want to include in my blog posts and even ideas to better my blog.

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#2 Google

Lol yes Google. I do my homework, I research on what I want to blog about confirm any updates(before I come here to drop fake stories). Although half of the time I always end up opening other things and going from link to link and I end up forgetting why I opened Google in the first place lol

#3 Pinterest

Apps I can't Blog without

Pinterest is just one of my favorite social media platforms although I’m still learning how to use it (I’m ready to attend Pinterest 101 classes, whoever is ready to be my tutor). Pinterest besides Google is the other place I get some inspirations from.

#4 VSCO,Facetune and Airbrush

Apps I can't Blog without

Okay so these are the holy grails of Photo/Flatlay editing I swear by and I bet every blogger does too. Thanks to my new found flatlay taking skills (that I’m still exploring btw) I can always edit pictures i take to compliment my blog post. (The picture looks like this cuz I’ve had to delete virtually everything on my phone all for space, that’s the struggle before God provides iPhone) I also use snapseed

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#5 WordPress

Apps I can't Blog without

Like there is no need to even stress on how important the wordpress app is, it’s so convenient, and I absolutely can’t blog without it.

What are your ride or die apps?

Do you use any of these apps?

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42 thoughts on “5 Apps I Can’t Blog Without

  1. VSCO & snapseed. I use Pinterest, but don’t know much bout it. I tried buying Facetund but google won’t accept my visa card 😢😢. Haven’t tried Airbrush, will download it to try it out hopefully.
    Nice review dear 😗

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  2. I use similar apps too asides facetune because it’s not free on android but I think Airbrush can do what facetune does too yeah?


  3. Was scratching my head on how to get facetune and I discovered Airbrush… Mhenn, Facetune bye….I’ll use the #350 to buy hollandia I’ll be chilling with while learning more about VSCO💃💃

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  4. Not a blogger but the I cant thank ‘Notes’ enough for all the times it has helped me to not forget the littlest, most impotant things. And google🙌🏽 Google is my best friend❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Although I’m still trying to get a list of blogger apps(i changed phones😫), I absolutely have wordpress, canva, snapseed and planoly. I still cannot operate vsco for some reason🙈 tho, i think imma add airbrush to the list of apps i need to get

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