What’s in my Bag+Harmattan Season Essentials

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How are you guys doing. I had such a great week, I hope you did too. Today we are going to be snooping through my handbag, i’ve been wanting to do this for the longest time. But first let me introduce you to my bag

Bag detail

Brand : Susen

Color: Black

Strap: yes

Description: Issa fine bag, lol. that’s how I describe it

Lets begin;


1. Lotion

I want to assume I’m not the only one that has noticed the harmattan. Damn it’s coldddd, and I like it, don’t blame me, people with oily skin will understand.

2. A book & pen

As a student. lol

3. A tiny perfume

I have this in my bag because sometimes I wake up late for class and forget to use my Perfume, so then i decided to keep a small one on me at all times cuz eventually at some point I’ll open my bag and remember, and then everything can go right in the world again lol


4. A wristwatch

Urgh watches! I honestly actually don’t like them(I’m sure we all have that one accessory we aren’t a fan of, BTW if Earrings are yours, email me we need to know talk😑) but hey, for the sake accessories I always have them in my bag. I have soo much thanks to my Father,the Duke of Watchville.

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5. A passport photograph

Cuz my school dwells on these things. I always keep one in all my bags. You never know when you’ll need them

6.My Glasses

Lol my eyes!! My sweet sweet plastic ”in a pretty frame” eyes. I’d be blind without them.

P.S Let me just say this now,for people that always ask why I wear my glasses all the time, IT’S MUCH BETTER AND EASIER FOR ME TO SEE!

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7. Lipgloss

Once again, because of the harmattan everywhere gets cold and dry. I keep it on me everytime. I can’t afford to have

i think that’s about it, but I wonder why my bag is always heavy if this is all I ever put in it.

8. A Flashdrive

I always put this in my bag just so I don’t misplace it. I should get one of those rope things for the neck or something.

9. My Earphones

I take these everywhere. I wear it everywhere, cuz you now music is life. Plus I have this awful habit of putting my earphones on even when I’m not listening to anything.

10. My Wallet

My wallet is a full tenant/permanent resident in my bag, lol. I really hate having to carry it out or anywhere, its so much work and load, I talked about it here and what I do instead of holding a wallet. I have my ATMs, passport photographs, money, tiny pieces of paper I use to remember things e.t.c

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yup! this is it 

What’s in your bag??

Where are you and how’s the weather where you are?

How is my flatlay game?

So some people are actually requesting other post related to relationships, do you guys think i should?

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9 thoughts on “What’s in my Bag+Harmattan Season Essentials

  1. There is no sign of Harmattan in Lagos yet, except that it’s more dusty than usual but it’s hot as always even at night time…..


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