Day 15 ||Ramadan Tag With Leemah

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Hii you guys *BearHugg* I’ve been away for so long, I’ve been writing exams since last week and my last paper is today*woop woop* Final Year loading lol, I can’t even wait to be done with school 
P.S A huge shoutout to my amazing Fountain University babies signing out and leaving me today

also, Today is the 15th Day of Ramadan, I can’t believe we’ve already fasted half way, it’s quite fast this year, anyway in honor of today I decided to do a tag with Halimah of . She’s so nice, she’s the only one that even bothered to agree to this tag so thanks babygirl. You guys should please check her blog.

1. When do you start getting excited about Ramadan.

Immediately after the last one, I get excited for the next one, wish we could have two Ramadan in a year because of the blessing that comes with the glorious month. But the excitement get higher a month before the Ramadan, you can literally feel the excitement in the air. The preparation and anticipation is always exciting.
  2. What is your fave Ramadan memory

My favorite memory of Ramadan would definitely be one of the last ten 10 days of my last Ramadan in school. During one of the night prayers, we were on the last chapter of the Quran,and this heavy rain started and immediately the last verses was recited it stopped. Just had this magical feeling like God was with us and all our prayers were answered. It might just be a normal coincident but I felt it was something really spiritual. Can never forget that day.
  3. Do you have any Ramadan tradition.
Ramadan tradition? Well I like to always spend the last 10 days of Ramadan in mosque to increase my act of worship and devotion to complete reading the glorious Qur’an.

  4. Do you have a fave Ramadan food
No, anything goes but date is a must have for me everyday
5. When you fast, do you think about food

No. I don’t think anyone fasting during this month would think of food except thinking of what to eat during iftar (Breaking of the fast).

6. What makes you happy about Ramadan  

The fact that i will have full dedication to worship my lord. There is always this energy to do more act of worship during Ramadan.
7. Which is your favourite day of Ramadan ‎.
One of the last 10 days of Ramadan. “The night of majesty ” where all request/prayers are answered.
8. Any tips for people fasting?
Eat less, pray more.

  9. Do you ever miss sahoor.
Yes. Sometimes
10.  Have you ever forgotten you were fasting and ate. 

Yes. Well luckily for us Islam permit us to continue the fast since the eating wasn’t intentional.
 Well there it is guys.

If you’re fasting, how is it going? And up you’re Christian, how are your Muslim friends holding up??

Until Next Time, My Loves

Ramadan Kareem


Travel diaries: My Trip To Erinta WaterFall in Ekiti

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Hi guys, Happy Sunday, How are you guys? Real quick tho, How many mother’s days are there? Cuz i’m sure we’ve had one already But still, Happy Mother’s Day to all our mums. We love you. 

Okay so today’s post is one i’ve been wanting to write since I knew we were going for the trip,i’ve been mentioning it in my previous posts here and here, it was amazing and super fun. oh also let me mention that the name confuses me a whole lot, i would have asked there but i thought it was Erinta not Arinta, i even googled it, it had both names so Erinta or Arinta it is.

.S there will be lots of pictures..mostly pictures,i also dont know how to go about this but i’ll try so let me explain *in kevin hart’s voice*

So we went from school (My school is in Osogbo,Osun state, Nigeria) 

Time: 1hour 45minutes – 2hours

so this is what the front looks like with the gate, i couldn’t get a better angle i was in the bus and i stretched my hands outside and used a timer

The gate fee- N500

this is the entrance to the waterfall..let me just quickly say the place is so hill-y and climb-y

Lol so here my friend was trying to teach me how to pose..omds its that bad. you can also see some of the people from school in the background

it’s super narrow and steep, so we had to be careful walking

The water from the Fall makes streams all the way to the end

this Huge tree fell across, so if you want to walk you go under it

The crowd you guys!! it was crazy on that narrow pathway, when i got tired of walking i wanted to cry cause i could not go back

i later went back alone to take some shots

i think there is a clearer view of the Fall now, Oh i remember this nice man apparently he and his group came from NOUN in Lagos, he saw me taking pictures and he posed for me

part of the fall

here’s the path to the fall, it’s smaller in real life yo! or smaller when there are many people going thought it

Part of the fall, see how high it goes


ho my Gad, i dont know what i was doing

What do you guys think?, i had amazing time.

Until Next Time..


Welcome To May|| Currently I am

Hiiii my loves..happy new month .. i’ve been off forever and I will explain, a lot has been happening with school, departmental week, social direcror duties blah blah. P.S the excursion post will be up soon . Lots of stuff, I feellike i’ve missed a lot.
So today i’m doing a ‘currently I am’ post, i’m gonna get right into it

Listening to|| a lot of Sia, kelhani and Ed Sheeran

Watching || friends, I love watching the reruns..i loveee Chandler
Feeling|| super tired, the excursion was something else

Reading|| school books,it’s May, test month

Wearing|| Burgundy crop top, burgundy is my new fave 

Craving|| my mum’s cooking, urgh

Looking forward to || just the feeling of the first two days 

Loving|| my new wig,i got from my friend @mowaglintstore on ig and twitter. Also the new Samsung S8!! Omds has anyone seen it!?

Wanting|| a new laptop, mine has become a TV, doesnt work without I cant leave like that.

Thankful for || the gift of life..honestly its not even easy 

upset about|| missing the GTBank food and drinks..i dont stay in Lag plus school, they keep sending notifications

So basically thats it for now guys..i WILL be back soon with more

Until Next time..XO


The Blue Sky Tag!

Hiii!!! Haha Hi beauties, how are you guys?? Happy Sunday, oh and April that I think about it I never get to post on a new month, I always say ‘happy new month’ days after. Anyhow it’s the intentions that matter right?
So I was nominated by thepurplegrace to do the The Blue Sky Tag. I’m too grateful, Thank you dear. Check out her blog sometime guys, it’s really good.
•Give 11 questions.

•Tag 11 people.

•Answer the 11 questions given to you.

•Thank the person who tagged you.

  • Best Genre of Music

Yikes! I actually listen to everything. R n B, hip hop, trap music. Everything

  • Facebook or Twitter

Lol this shouldn’t be even up for debate. I’m a twitter freak also I’m not on Facebook.

  • Best Book Ever Read

Hmm… I’m not really a reader of books…I think

  • Why did you start blogging?

At first it was just boredom but I guess I really wanted to do it, I wanted a platform to be to use to share stuff

  • Are a junkie or healthy food freak?

Junk its sweeter

  • Best Icecream flavour 

Banana flavour for the win!!

  • Favourite Colour

Pink!!! Lol but lately Burgurndy has been eyeing me

  • Do you have a prized possesion, If yes what is it?

Erm…i think my phones..i literally cant live without them

  • What are your plans for the next 5 years?

For me it would be to have made this blog grow and be done with masters,already at my dream job(i’m not going to say sha) also be the best version of myself in every aspect.











The Orange Summer Blog

Blondie and the beat.

What is your favourite movie of all time?

Ribena or 5alive?
What is your biggest fear?

When is your birthday?

Do you believe in true love?

Singing or dancing?

Whatsapp stories or Instagram stories?

Favourite food?

One thing you cant do without?

When did you start blogging?

Thanks for reading.
Much Love.

                    Have Fun!.XO


Living In Abeokuta|Things to Do and Top Places To Visit. 

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Hi guys, how are you doing?  How is this weather treating you? I’m about to melt. This sun is not from this life.. 

Anyway today’s post is a little different from the usual stuff I do,its mainly because I’m about to die of boredom, this holiday is now becoming a punishment and I know so many cool places but since I’m not allowed to explore I decided to just pour out my favorite spots in Abk here also if anyone has a reason to come over there’s something to do and somewhere to go. I’ve lived here all my life and I can say I know enough. 
One of my favorite places for ever! Is 1.Sweet Sensation..

I know FFO,but No. There’s just something about abk that its so small, someone will always know someone that knows you. Sweet sensation is like the meeting point of everyone, I can say Everytime I go there I always bump into some I know. It’s crazy. Don’t get me started on the food at S.S, it’s always so delicious. 
2.Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library.

The beautiful resort inside the library

Before you start to say ‘a library?’, Yes it’s a library sorta.. That’s what it’s called but inside there are restaurants, there’s a lake, an amusement park, a cinema, a tie and dye/adire factory, a church, a wild life park, a resort and then the library. Seems like a lot to do right?

The other parts of the library(cinema, restaurants etc)

3.Park Inn by Radisson 

Yes this is how it looks at night. The light on the ‘Park Inn’ sign is so bright, I can see it from my house..(I’m not exaggerating, my house isn’t far from it)

So if you’re visiting and you need a place to stay, this hotel ehn.. Geez! Maybe because they just opened but the place is so fine. It’s really cozy and quiet almost feels like home. 

4. June 12 Cultural Center. 

Here they have lots of events going on, They have rallies, beauty pagents, seminars, workshops, they organize shows and Concerts occasionally for artists who remember that there’s a place called Abeokuta 😒 and They Also show movies. I remember vividly the first time I watched sound of music was in there. I also remember last independence day Gbenga Adeyinka had a show, lots of celebrities were around too. It’s one of the coolest places in Abeokuta. 

5.Ake Palace

The alake of egbaland’s palace is also a tourist site. I’ve  been there quite a number of times, you get to go around and check out all the ancient stuff. It’s really interesting too and you get to hear the tale of how egba came to be. And no you don’t get to see the king 😂😂

The iyamode’s house inside the palace

6.Olumo Rock. 

I’m sure you might have been wondering where  I was going to bring this up, everyone, even people that don’t live here know Olumo rock.

If you can see the church like building in the middle of the town, that’s the first church ever in Abeokuta.

It’s the most visited place in Abeokuta and I don’t blame them,its really a sight to see. Just don’t try to climb the rock alone(I learnt the hard way). There’s a mini art museum in it and a restaurant also a shrine. You can literally see almost the whole of Abeokuta from the top of the rock..Also you get to hear the tale of the rock and how people lived in the rock. I remember some old women still living in the rock, most of them older than 100years.. I don’t know if they are still there though,i feel like they will sha. 

Where the people that hid under the rock made their food

1.Iwe iroyin.. The food in this place can make you forget the way to your house and they have suya too 

2. Big treat-they recently re-opened, they have a restaurant too, Chinese food, pizza and what not

3.Sky Pavilion – it’s a club right on top of Chicken Republic just incase.

P.S Shop rite under construction (they’re done clearing the land) 

 Have a great day guys. 

Until next time.. XOXO 


I can bet you guys didn’t know that we had such places in Abeokuta, you probably thought it just had old yoruba speaking people. 😂

How To|Enjoy Valentines Day As a Single Person 

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 I decided to do this post after seeing a whole lot of  ‘what to do if you have a partner’ type of posts,then I figured what about the people that dont have. So I feel like today’s post  is quite relatable. We dont all have “prince Charming”  and “the best girl”. Initially I was just going to listen to some music(mostly Sia), Nap, Eat and   imagine  how my day would have been if I had plans. Basically all that sad, grumpy stuff but then I changed my mind, its a new year. ” So what if I don’t have a val, I’ll be my own val” was what I told my self. 

Being single on Valentines isn’t that big a deal, just the part where you get to see others all clingy and lovey-dovey. But regardless, That shouldnt hold you back. 
So basically if you’re date-less like me and you want to feel better or have something to do,Then follow the instructions below.. Lol that sounds so official, but y’all know what I mean. 
1 . Love and Pamper Yourself

Take this one day to do so. If you’re single, free and you have no plans I don’t see why you shouldn’t. 

2.Go out… 

If you were dating, you’d probably go out so I don’t see why you can’t as a single person. As long as there are no rules holding you down. Go have dinner somewhere nice, you deserve it. 

3…. Or stay indoor

Lol so it’s a two-way thing, either you go out or stay in. Since this is about staying, you can still make do with that. Cook something nice or Order. Watch some comedy shows to keep your mind off love stuff, you’d be surprised how far the mind can  wonder off. 

4.Dress Up! 
Guys dress nice, Girls beat your face abeg. Look good for yourself. Usually I don’t feel depressed when I look good, I think it works that way for most people. And who knows maybe you might just meet some…one…*running away*. 

5. Buy You something nice

If there’s anything you’ve wanted for a while, or you’d have probably told your partner to get you If you had one. Get it for yourself today. It’s a present from you to you. 

6.Do what you haven’t done in a long time. 

Probably you liked it and your ex hated it so you stopped in the name of love.Please since you’re not with them anymore, nothing is holding you back. So do it! whatever it is..

So to all my single ladies and gentlemen stay winning and you’re not single? Stay winning too. 

   Till next time, Have a great day. 


Do you have plans for today or not?         Let’s know how it goes. 

Product Review |Oriflame Clarifying Scrub and Purifying mask. 

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Hi guys, how are you doing. 

So today I’m going to be doing a review on this facial mask and scrub I tried yesterday. I got it from my friend that sold the Eyeliner to me, she’s just making me try out everything. 

I can say the mask and scrub were quite effective,i actually noticed the difference and then maybe because I was instructed to rub it in (the scrub) my face came out really smooth. So I’ll just give the breakdown of the products and then how to use it (if you eventually buy it) which I think you should. 


It costs about N650


it’s just a little minty

Where to buy

An online store

An Oriflame distributor. 

What I think

Its so easy to use 

Its travel size

You can use it at least 3times

I actually don’t have any complaints about this product, only that it’s too small! Seriously N650 in this recession. 

How to use

For the Scrub 
First the Scrub, Apply evenly on your face, rub it in, wait for about 5minutes then wash off 

The mask

Then the Mask, Apply evenly as well until it dries, leave for about 5minutes too then wash off…Try It Out and thank me later.